Resume Writing Tips for College Grads

What's next after graduation?

What’s next after graduation?

Graduation is just around the corner and you are not sure how you are going to enter the workforce. I have composed six resume writing tips for a college grad just like you:

One page: There are those who struggle with resume length but one page is ideal for a young graduate.  You don’t want to add any unnecessary information that will not help but add length to the resume. Just make sure your one page showcases your key attributes and information. 

No Objective: The employer knows you are looking for a job and want to utilize the skills you learned from your degree, so don’t waste space on the top of your resume with the objective. Instead use the top of the page to have the most important content you want read. The top and left-hand side of the page is the most valuable area of your resume.

Education: Your education is important to include on your resume. Depending on your previous work history or if you were an excellent student from a prestigious college then your education may be placed in a different area of your resume. Make sure you place your education in the best place that suites you.

Don’t falsify: This is simple. Don’t lie. If you feel you have to embellish your GPA or whether or not you have a degree, then don’t even attempt to add it to your resume.

Follow Instructions: If the company asks you to send your resume in Word document then don’t send it as a PDF. Following simple instructions like this can make a good impression, showing that you listen and can follow directions.

Accomplishments: If you have specific accomplishments (i.e. 4.0 GPA while working full time, obtained a special scholarship, or was part of school sports or activities) then add it to this section.

Good luck on your job search!

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