How to Stay Motivated at Work


The days are long and dark. Many companies are still performing layoffs and salary caps are in place. With all of the merriment of the holiday season surrounding you outside of work, how can you stay motivated during your day to day job?

Here are a few tricks to keep you involved in your job and feeling like a happy and productive member of your company and society in general:

Find the Human Aspect of your Position

Caught up in the day to day activities of our jobs, many of us lose perspective about what we are really contributing to the company. Look at your position from a broader perspective. How does your work help others either in their personal life, work life, or some other way?

There is a reason your position is there. Take a hard look at why you are there to get the motivation you need to keep doing it.


We are all bombarded with daily tasks. Some our boss thinks need to be done now and other that you know need to be done now. Look at your task list and prioritize your tasks. What really needs to be done now and what really needs to be done by the end of the week? By tackling the important things first, you can start to feel a sense of accomplishment. You are really getting things done and helping projects move on.

Take Time for Yourself

With heavy workloads and many companies working with minimal staff, requiring maximum results, you may find yourself coming in early, working through lunch, and staying late to get it all done. Our bodies cannot focus for eight or more straight hours. Take a few minutes every hour to get up, walk around, get a glass of water, and take a mental break. This small amount of exercise will get you blood flowing again and help you stay in a positive and productive mood. And make sure to eat a healthy lunch from home to keep your energy up and your health strong.

Use Your God Given Skills

All of us have specific talents that we are great in. When we work on these types of tasks, the hours just seem to fly by and our energy stays up the whole time we are working on it. These are the types of tasks we need to be doing on a daily basis at work. If you are a people person, try to spend a good portion of your day talking with customers or clients. If you are a writer, offer to take on creative writing projects. Take what you love to do, and are good at doing, and make it a key component of your position. By doing what you love, even for part of the day, you can keep your spirits up and feel more involved at work.

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