What to Expect in a Second-Round Interview

Are you ready for your second interview?

The interview process is usually a multi-step process that involves at least two rounds of in-person interviews. Getting invited back for a second interview typically means you are considered as an excellent candidate for the position. Second interviews vary with each company, but you can expect to meet with multiple people and to be asked some of the same questions, such as ‘tell me about yourself.’  In order to be prepared as possible for your second interview, take a look at the following helpful suggestions.

By the time you reach your second interview with a company, the interviewer will now know you have the skills required for the position, which means they will be focusing on your personality and cultural fit. Second-round interview questions may be more specific to the job and you may also get some problem-solving questions. As always, it’s important to be honest and clear about your abilities, so as not to mislead the interviewer. A second interview is a great opportunity for you to find out more information about working for the company, so don’t hesitate to ask questions related to the company, position, and qualities necessary to succeed.

The second interview is also a time to ensure that the candidate understands the ins and outs of the position, the work involved, as well as the compensation. It is the candidate’s responsibility to know about the company, including what they do, what their market space is, and what the team you are joining does. Take some time to visit the company’s website or go onto LinkedIn, in order to learn as much as you can about the organization and about the types of people who work there. If you have a connection, use it to get some insider information on management and staff. Interviewers always like to see that candidates have done research on the company, as it shows that they are very interested in the business.

If the second interview is also the final interview, it typically involves the hiring manager, someone from HR, and there can also be a team member and a higher level manager there. A second interview can ever be a day-long interview, so you might want to ask the person who scheduled the interview for an itinerary. Be ready to speak with a diverse group of people and to show your enthusiasm for the position. Most interviewers are looking for candidates who are excited about the opportunity and who want to make a contribution to the company, not just someone to get the job done.

In terms of interview attire, continue to dress to impress; after all, you have not been hired yet. Even if the workplace is casual, dress in your interview best, unless you are told otherwise. If you are unsure about the interview attire, it is appropriate to check with the company insiders to see what attire is expected for each interview. Attention to detail is important, so make sure you have a well-groomed hairstyle, clean fingernails, and minimal cologne or perfume.

Don’t forget to send a thank you note or email after the interview to everyone you meet with. Remember to collect business cards from everyone that you speak with during the interview so that you have their contact information readily available. You can write the same basic message to each person, but vary it a bit in case they compare notes. Finally, don’t forget that it is a competitive job market and that you will have to sell yourself. Continue to congratulate yourself each time you get a call for a second interview!


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