6 Traits You Need to be both Happy and Successful

What makes people happy and successful?

They say that attitude is everything. Having a positive outlook on life is beneficial for your health, career and relationships. While some people consider happiness and success to be two separate goals, being both happy and successful can be achieved through certain traits. If we look at people who are continually experiencing happiness and success, we can notice things that they have in common. Here are 6 traits that will help you reach your potential in a slightly different way.

Tenacity: Tenacity is the perseverance and endurance that keep you going despite obstacles that you face. Achieving your dreams takes work, and sometimes it can even be an uphill battle. Regardless of whether you are training for a marathon or putting in extra hours for a promotion, being tenacious is what is going to get you to the finish line. Developing tenacity is not unlike developing mental stamina; engaging fully takes extra time and passion.

Optimism: Optimism is the cornerstone of happiness and success; expecting the best and seeing the best in all things will help you lead a more hopeful and cheerful life. If you have faith that good things are likely to happen, you may be more open to opportunities when they arise. For example, if you are looking for a job, believing that you’ve got a shot will encourage you to prep more and come across as more confident. Optimists also tend to see setbacks as temporary rather than as a negative judgment on their abilities.

Self-control: Self-control is the ability to resist our impulses. How does self-control lead to a happier and more successful life? Having self-control means doing what needs to be done in order to achieve your goals, even when you’re tempted to stray. Your self-discipline will help you make the difficult choices over the immediately appealing option for a result that will eventually pay off. Plus, studies show that when you consistently make hard choices in one area of life, you’ll feel more willower in others.

Curiosity: Curiosity is the desire for seeking out the new and different. People who describe themselves as curious have a greater life satisfaction and a deeper sense of meaning. They are also more willing to push themselves to learn and meet their goals. Curiosity also helps us approach uncertainty in our everyday lives with a positive attitude. For example, the ability to meet the most fascinating person in the room comes from the insatiable interest in new people.  In fact, it is often uncertainty and challenge that bring the longest-lasting benefits.

Gratefulness: Gratefulness is appreciating and noticing the good in yourself, in other people and the world, then giving that appreciation back. We all say ‘thank you’ on a regular basis, but how often do we mean it? When you express true gratitude, you motivate others to be generous. Plus, when you express thanks sincerely, you are more likely to get support back. Instead of dwelling on the negativity surrounding you, try to feel happy and grateful about the positive things that happen to you every day.

Social Intelligence: Social intelligence describes the capacity to effectively navigate and negotiate complex social relationships and environments. When you’re dealing with office politics, or trying to decode what your friend is actually trying to say, being able to read people and situations accurately will make everyday encounters easier and more fun. Sometimes referred to as ‘people skills,’ social intelligence includes an awareness of social dynamics, knowledge of interaction styles, and self-insight. Having social intelligence will help you see deeper into social situations, and then help you act accordingly.


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