The Professional Way to Follow Up After an Interview

Following up after an interview is crucial

Landing an interview is only the first step towards getting your next job. Even once you’ve completed the interview, there is still another important step in the overall interview process. After an interview, it’s important to follow up with the hiring manger or whoever conducted the interview. It is especially important to thank the interviewer for taking the time to meet with you and to reiterate your interest in the position.

While you are at your interview, be sure to collect business cards from everyone you talk to. Not only will business cards remind you of the names of the people you spoke with, but the cards also include the person’s title and contact information. If the interviewer doesn’t offer a card, ask for one. If you really want to make a lasting impression, create business cards of your own to exchange that include your name, email and phone number. It is also a good idea to ask about next steps before you leave the interview. By asking what happens next, you know exactly when it’s acceptable to follow up.

Always send a thank-you note immediately after the interview. Since sending the letter via snail mail takes a couple of days, it’s best to send an email. Do not wait to send the thank you note, seeing as you want your name fresh in the minds of the people you spoke with. When writing your email, be sure to include your name and phone number. The email should be brief and professional. Include appropriate salutations, and mention something from the interview to jog their memory.

It is also appropriate to ask if you can connect with them via LinkedIn. Connecting with your interviewer on LinkedIn can become a potential long-term professional relationship, whether you end up landing the job or not. However, you don’t want to ambush anyone with your request or send a generic connection request. Instead, create a logical reason for connecting, such as a shared interest, and ask if it’s OK while you’re at the interview.

When you have finished your interview, you will most likely be told when you can expect to hear back. If not, you should ask before the conversation is over. If that amount of time passes and you haven’t heard anything, it’s reasonable to call or email to check in. An email is less intrusive and won’t put the interviewer on the spot, so it’s generally better to use this method. Thank them again for the interview and ask if there’s been an update or any movement on the position. You can also ask if the interviewer needs any additional information.

Following up after an interview is a crucial part of the interview process. Not only does it show your interest in the position, but it also highlights the fact that you are professional and responsible.


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